Peter Benke




Peter Benke is from San Diego California. His interest in photography emerged in high school when he built his own darkroom and began experimenting with photographic technique.

Having grown up swimming and kayaking in the oceans off Santa Barbara, water was always a part of Peters life, and in 2009 he began to utilize crystalline swimming pools as massive underwater studios sparking a process of intense investigation, trial and error, and technical elevations. Since then, countless dancers, actors, models and athletes of all kinds have enthusiastically posed in silence and weightlessness for the sake of his canvas bound artworks that are assembled from hundreds of images and are often available in lengths exceeding 10 feet long. The photography is one element of a complex process:

'' There would be nothing here without the amazing skill, patience, and beauty of so many wonderful people who have patiently, bravely and expertly dived, swam, wrestled with fabrics and props, and repeatedly gasped for air after using every last second to create single pieces of artwork. Makeup artists, stylists and subjects of varying types have all opened my eyes to what I love and for them I am incredibly lucky and thankful. Now it is my hope that people will fall in love with the weightless classical nature of these pieces and their characters and enjoy reading deeply into the details and the stories they will tell ''

Each piece is created with passion, athleticism, and a level of care that is rarely seen in any type of modern art. Outside of photography Peter is attempting to help lost animal shelters and has taken it upon himself to donate 5 percent of every single piece of art sold in the future to randomly selected humane societies. He further volunteers with these foundations by photographing as many of the animals as possible in the hopes of better equipping them to find new and loving homes. He now resides in Santa Barbara with his two dogs, Li Lu and Maggie