Born and raised in the Hudson Valley in New York, Katey is from a very small town that is responsible for her significant relationship with nature. Living in a rural area, Katey spent a majority of her time exploring the great outdoors, taking in vibrant colors, textures, and patterns, often transferring these images onto paper as soon as she returned home. Art became her passion at a very young age and there was something truly special about the creation process… it was peaceful. Katey went to college in Buffalo and studied Art Education, Art Therapy, and Ceramics. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Art Education and a lot of inspiration in her back pocket to continue to tap into her creative genius.

A local artist living and breathing the beach lifestyle, the ocean is always mesmerizing Katey with it’s captivating beauty. Powerful elements transpire in her work to create a feeling of serenity and wonder, and this reminds us that what lies beneath can easily be camouflaged by the exterior. Katey considers herself a humanitarian by nature and is an advocate of earth-friendly products and keeping our beaches and oceans clean.

Views of the great blue from above inspire Katey’s most recent works, along with a variety of coastlines around the world full of vibrant colors and organic texture.

Let us not be blinded by the beauty, but reminded not to take our beautiful surroundings for granted.