Joelle Blouin

“The view of a beautiful city, opening up before you, for me has always held the promise of dreams, a bright vibrant living hope.” ~~ Joelle Blouin



This Canadian Artist is fast being sought after by collectors in North America for her new striking original cityscapes. Born in 1985 in Quebec City, Joelle is a graduate of Design at FXG. She quickly impressed with her natural talent and the acute attention to form necessary for architectural design. Her need to create and express her personal vision of a building or city kept her constantly painting throughout her entire academic experience. “I thought I was going to work in design, it was safe and I enjoyed the work, but as soon as I graduated I realized I live to paint. It is what I am.  I am so passionate about each new painting, each city and every pull of the palette knife across the canvas; I really couldn’t imagine doing anything else.”

Joelle’s paintings are her vision of the most recent trip to that city. “Every visit brings something new, something I haven’t seen before. Maybe I am different or am seeing in a new way, but each trip brings something I have never seen, never felt before. It is wonderful to me that you experience the same city in different way each time.”  Joelle uses her own photographs for inspiration, turning them into "cubist" visions with bright vibrant touches. Her preference for larger canvases allows the room to capture the heart and soul of each city she paints. Joelle’s work is now showcased in galleries across Canada and the USA. She currently lives and works in Quebec City, Canada but is always on the move, traveling from city to city throughout North America creating works for her collectors to enjoy!